Why Every Business Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

Paint Your Business to Success

First impressions are everything in business. If your company doesn’t have the right look and feel when customers enter your building, you could be sending out the wrong vibes. This can lead to negative reviews and lost business.

Having a professional, unique look can make a huge difference in retaining business and getting word of mouth out there that your business is a great place to be around. We’re going to explore why every business needs a fresh coat of paint going into the New Year and beyond.

First of all, you should take great pride in how you present your business to your potential customers. It all starts with caring and level of importance.

Second, once you take pride in your appearance, you can focus on selling and providing great customer service. Then, you have the pillars for a successful business.

Perception is Reality

Have you ever head of that saying? Well, it is true for many reasons. How your customers view your business is ultimately the reality of how everyone else views it. This is such an important piece of running a brick and mortar business.

First Impressions Retain More Customers

That’s right, first impressions mean everything. Business owners should understand this as they are constantly trying to pick up new clients and retain them. If you bring in a customer for the first time, shouldn’t your building impress them?

The answer is obvious, but also misunderstood. A successful business owner will make sure their business looks and feels like the audience they are trying to capture. They understand this on a very deep level.

Questions you should ask before hiring a Commercial Painting company:

What colors do my potential customers like?

What type of feel do my customers want?

Do they like designs?

If you hire a top notch commercial painting company, you will most likely have someone that can answer most of these questions for you and guide you through the process. Commercial Painting Fanatics (https://commercialpaintingfanatics.com/) have been painting brick and mortars for years now and have offices in multiple locations throughout the United States. Be sure to check their website out and see if they service your area.

When you start asking these types of questions, it opens your eyes as a business owner to what is actually important. The more you seek to understand those questions, the more you will understand your target customers.

Painting Can Be Considered Marketing

Having a thought out plan to paint your commercial property can be marketing in itself. When you have a fresh new and unique look, more people will talk about that with their friends in family. This ultimately leads to referrals and amazing reviews.


These are really important reasons to invest in a new paint job for your company. When you nail this down, you will really start to see the benefits. Be very sure that you did all of your research because painting your business can be considered a onetime opportunity. This is because it is very expensive to get a professional job done the right way.

Make sure you check all the boxes off and have a solid plan. You should also seek professional advice from the companies that do this on a regular basis and have a real solid understanding of what to invest in.

Good luck in your process of making your business stand out from the crowd, and make that first impression count!