Why Vacuuming Can’t Be a Substitute for Professional Carpet Cleaning

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Either out of a desire to save money or out of ignorance, some people think that regular carpet vacuuming is all they need to do. While regular vacuuming is actually necessary, it is important to understand that it can never be a substitute for professional cleaning.

When you vacuum you only deal with the dirt on the surface of the carpet yet the real dirt that could affect your health and the life of your carpet is actually embedded deep into the carpet and, regardless of how frequently you vacuum you can never deal with this dirt.

Keep you warranty valid

In appreciation of the fact that Spokane’s Dependable Carpet Care is never a DIY task, most carpet manufacturers require that a carpet is cleaned professionally at least once a year. Should you fail to do this, the warranty on your carpet will become invalid.

Increase carpet life

A carpet does not just make your home more comfortable but is also an important asset which will serve you for many years if you take proper care of it. Neglected carpets usually need to be replaced before their time and you can increase the life of yours by contacting dependablecarpetcare.com for all you cleaning needs.

Get rid of germs and embedded dirt

Unclean carpets are home to a wide variety of germs and bacteria which could adversely affect the residents of your home. Neither vacuuming nor steaming can deal comprehensively deal with the embedded dirt and germs. By using the services of the pros at www.dependablecarpetcare.com, you can be sure that your carpet will be thoroughly cleaned to get rid of all dirt and germs thereby ensuring the safety of all residents.

Deal with stubborn stains

Throughout its life a carpet receives plenty of dirt and spills some of which will prove impossible to remove by vacuuming, Stains from beverages such as coffee and those made by pet urine belong in this category and their presence is not just an eyesore but also contribute to carpet damage. Attempting to remove such stains on your own might be a futile exercise. When use the services of Dependable Carpet, you can be sure of a perfect cleaning job as they have very sophisticated equipment that deals easily with the most stubborn stains.

Better air quality and comfort

The condition of your carpet determines the quality of the air in your home. Dirt trapped in carpets could lead to the presence of bad odors (especially when there are many residents and pets in a home) and no amount o vacuuming can get rid of such odors.

While there are many health benefits of keeping carpets in their best possible condition, a clean carpet reflects positively on the homeowner. You’ll feel proud to show off your spotless carpet to your visitors. Moreover, a clean carpet makes the residents of a home more comfortable. Even an old carpet seems to acquire a new life when cleaned by pros and these are the people to go to for dependable carpet care.

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